Deviations and Designs: Holiday Open Studio

For many years I've been exploring a wide range of "design" projects; questionable inventions like the iCan and the P'lo, finely made drawer and cupboard hardware shaped like tongues, ears and hands. I've made jewelry patterned by and after the work of worms and Severed Vessels, a series of ceramic vases in the shape of decaying cow and deer legs. I've just added Cleavage & Cuts to the jewelry collection. All of the work having in common a urge towards beauty and the desire to find humor where it may not be obvious to look for it. Please join me in my studio for what I hope to be the first annual Holiday open house. Warmest regards, Malia 

December 12th and 13th, 9am - 5pm

1217 NE Failing St, Portland Or 97212




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